Try Tlayuda at Our Taco Truck in Pasco, WA

Classic Mexican street food inspired by Oaxaca City

We don't just serve plain tacos and quesadillas at Plaza Oaxaca LLC in Pasco, WA-we serve all kinds of authentic Mexican cuisine. We keep our roots in mind when we prepare each dish in our taco truck. You deserve Mexican food that makes your soul sing, and that's just what we'll prepare for you.

At our taco truck, you can try traditional Mexican street food you won't be able to find anywhere else, like tlayuda. Call 509-316-1943 now to hear about our daily specials and find out where we're parked for the afternoon.

Our menu has something for everyone

You can customize your tacos with our long list of toppings. Each taco comes with meat, cilantro, onions and cabbage, but we encourage you to get creative. When you want to try something new, order our tlayuda. If you're craving...

  • Memelitas
  • Taco Oaxaca
  • Tacos
  • Quesadillas
  • Tlayuda
  • Burritos

...stop by Plaza Oaxaca to make your day that much better.